Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)

Promoting Good Governance
with an efficient Anti-Corruption Approach

The SOX Approach for almost 20 years has been appreciated worldwide
for its effectiveness and reliable reporting assurance!

Pride.Solutions focuses on prevention, detection, investigation of fraud and all vulnerability to corporate corruption.

Your organization always complies with the accounting parameters

Our main purpose is to ensure the creation of reliable auditing methods in organizations to ensure that there is always an efficient way to identify and measure risks and avoid new frauds, thereby ensuring transparency of all organizational management. We have different Sox consulting programs for all types of organizations, national and multinational companies.

SOX compliance has always been a major concern for the executive boards of organizations around the world

 “Your organization always complies with the accounting parameters”

We help companies become well acquainted with successful tactics and techniques to detect all frauds and combat suspicious activities that can be a reality in any organization.

We create SOX Compliance solutions Economic and Sustainable

Pride.Solutions SOX Compliance Program

  • Create, Manage and Publish all financial reports for the specific compliance program.
  • Manage process changes to improve internal controls
  • Be ready to train all responsible parties on SOX and all related updates.
  • Create plans for possible improvement cycles in internal controls
  • Watch the business operation to intervene in cases of control deficiencies

    Pride.Solutions offers an efficient and reliable Software for importing and managing data to mitigate the vulnerability of financial reporting and increase the speed of control processes. reporting and increase the speed of control processes.

    Today many companies still maintain the tradition of manipulating data exported from an EPM or ERP to generate financial reports.

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