Mining Business Transformation

Agile and Productive Mining Processes

Innovate it, Do it different


Guiding  modern mining productivity

Optimize your losses with digital transformation
OpenAI | Cloud | iRonM04 Platform

Mobile app for Field Management

Manage your entire work field, reducing losses with work accidents, control shifts, real-time interaction even at depths above 700ft, track productivity in real time

Satellite | Exploration & Monitoring

Don’t waste time with assumptions. Explore locations efficiently.

Rigorous safety regulations

At all stages of the mining process you have full compliance with the required regulations

Workforce turnover management

Manage the movement in real time. With new indicators it is possible to optimize risks and labor costs.


Complete Management Platform

Industry case studies

" We optimized our metal production up to 47% and reorganized our entire workforce "

Monitoring Safety Performance for Mining Industry

Restore field and management in all mining processes phases.

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