COBIT - Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology

The framework developed to drive organizations reach the business challenges!

"A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT"

COBIT or Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology is a framework published by known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, covers guidelines for assessing and developing internal controls related to corporate information technology. One of the versions of the COSO framework, it describes best practices for 34 IT processes. Many enterprises will rely on both frameworks (Coso for Corporate Gov and Cobit for IT Gov) when developing a roadmap to SOX compliance.
IT has become a critical success factor for any Enterprises. The importance of its governance by the business is steadily increasing, right? COBIT refers to this as a enterprise governance.


 “A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT”

The legacies of a Cobit implementation help senior IT management understand how their processes are maturing, measure efforts for improvement, help with prioritizing investments, focus efforts on activities that drive business value and provide transparency to end users

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The benefits of adopting our COBIT Full Implementation service!

  • Helps organizations optimize resources through process, people, application, and infrastructure alignment.
  • Use technology effectively to reach business targets
  • Helps measure return on investment on IT spends.
  • Ensure IT risk is managed effectively.
  • Helps with relate specific IT frameworks with Enterprises Control models like COSO.
  • Use technology to promote operational excellence.
  • Ensure organizations realize the value of their IT investments.
  • Helps achieve contractual agreements, compliance with laws and others regulations.
  • Helps identify IT implementations measures
  • Improve and maintain high-quality information to support business decisions
  • Helps the organization meet its business objectives through IT as its backbone.

What can you expect from our COBIT Implementation service?

  • Full COBIT 5 Principles Implementation
    • Meeting stakeholder needs
    • Covering the enterprise end to end
    • Applying a single integrated framework
    • Enabling a holistic approach
    • Separating governance from management
  • COBIT-based Third Party Control Self Assessments
  • Gap Analysis
  • COBIT Audits Sessions
  • Security base lining with COBIT
  • COBIT –OnLocal workshops and trainings
    • using the COBIT Capability Model
    • Integrating COBIT with other frameworks
    • COBIT Practices
  • Cobit Data Privacy Services

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