Digitalizing Health Services

We provide a friendly Doctor-Patient interaction with our OpenAI solution

With the population increase in large metropolises, health management around the world is suffering a trend towards digital transformation, better care, even more, significant results for the client, and cost reduction. Pride.Solutions come to this thread in order to support all these transformations efficiently types.
Enhance the integration between health technology solutions, payers, and scientific research centers to gain agility in the delivery of medical services.

Bringing innovation to the Healthcare Services

Enforcing Digital Transformation and modernizing the routine in Clinical Environments, Hospitals, Laboratories and Surgical Centers.

Digital Interaction Doctor-Patient

With the increase of the artificial intelligence use in healthcare, capable of recognizing and interpreting data, it greatly improves the interaction between doctor and patient, as well as provides information for better decision making, which has brought a real revolution to the sector, both in the most critical operations and in its management.

Don't worry

We are aligned with the Health Regulatory Agencies

Patient Monitoring

With the use of new technologies, cameras can analyze the movement patterns and behavior of hospitalized patients and with AI decrease human error and improve decision making besides optimizing the case time of medical interventions.

1st Diagnosis

The first contact is always very important. We enable an intuitive and user-friendly integration through our solutions. We provide a fast and easy interface for interaction, Doctor x Patient x Insurance Company

Accurate Diagnosis

With AI it becomes possible to analyze innumerable variables, medical parameters, and patient histories to reach a more accurate diagnosis with more speed and efficiency.


Using immeasurable volumes of data, an AI can find new ways and procedures that eliminate risk and decrease recovery time – a type of analysis that may be impossible for human ability.


With our eClinic platform, it is already possible to manage health services with more than 95 performance indicators, such as Most performed procedures, Detailed costs, Patients per month x Disease, Average length of stay, Mortality rate, Hospitalizations x Diseases, Total cost forecast, and more, besides all the comfort of integration with the largest insurance companies in the USA and Singapore

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