Governance as a Service

Find out about aligning IT with your business strategy and learn about
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Stands for driving and controlling the organization

It ensures that the objectives and strategies are reached with the right resource management and manageable risks.

The most important department is an effective team to mitigate risks, define processes, document processes, prepare your company for a complex audit, and have as its main objective to align IT with the business.

With a Complete group of project management tools and best frameworks, our Governance Dept. and project management Office allows us to deliver solid and high-quality resources.

ITIL4   •   CobiT5   •   ISO20K   •   FitSM   •   PRINCE2   •   PMI   •   ISO38500   •   VeriSM   •   SIAM   •   CMM & SOA   •   Calder-Moir   •   GRC   •   eTOM   •   Val-IT   •   S{404}

                                                           COSO   •   BIA   •   BSC   •   PMP   •   SAC   •   GAO   •   S{302}   • S{401}   •   S{409}   •   S{802}   •   S{902}   •   S{906}

                                                                                                                      COSO-ERM   •   ISO31K   •   MoR   •   NIST   •   ORSA

                                                                                                                                                    ISO 27005

                                                                                                                                            ISO 22301

                                                                                                                      HIPAA   •   GLBA   •   EU GDPR   •   PDPA   •   CCPA

                                                                                                                            PCI-DDS   •   SOX   •   GxP   •   FDA   •   QSR

Ensure Compliance

We offer the best results that a team of IT governance can offer.

Governance is often seen as a burden
Most of the time feels like a drag, a package of hurdles.

So, how about changing it into a Service?

Don’t worry,

Let’s the Governance with us!

::GaaS works like a toolkit that enables the board to work more effectively with the management challenges.
Our team will ensure that businesses have an appropriate position on the compliance board.

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