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Solutions for AEROSPACE

During our redesign period we have invested in product packages for this range of new Aerospace Startups.

Space Agencies/Companies & Launch

Pride iRTO integrated with odoo

Aerospace Startups, starting your journey into this new industry? Join us and let’s work together


Be always ahead of the curve and compliant with aerospace regulatory agencies with our governance module ideal for your industry.

Allaun 3D

Engineering design process; Start your projects with a range of up-to-date elements and objects and optimize your startup time


Satellite Catalog & Logistic M
Sell a bundle, categorize, launch schedule, Satellite and Pack thread with QuickService SATL Module

“We are compliance with all Aerospace and Defense Regulatory Agencies

UAE Space Agency
United Arab Emirates

UKSA Space Agency
United Kingdom

UNOOSA Space Affairs
The United Nations Office

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

DOD Department of Defense
United States

SNSA Space Agency

Aviation Field – Technology Solutions

Embedded Entertainment

Ensure your customers the best experience during long-haul flights.
Super Tough Display and Opendroid