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Trusted by thousands of businesses since 2005, Pride.Solutions a global provider is a consultancy obsessed with technology. Born actively in the course of a project in San Diego inside an enterprise credit card company. Providing a wealth of services to SMEs and large enterprises we focus on governance, auditing and IT Service Management dedicated to helping our clients improve business processes, and bottom-line performance and boost IT organizations. Our conscientious, industry-based approach helps our customers understand and manage more consolidated, efficient, and innovative businesses. To maintain excellence in operations, we invest steadily in technological laboratories, research centers, innovation, and startups acquisitions around the world. Headquartered in Texas USA, Pride.Solutions is ranked among its current customers as one of the most admired and innovative companies

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Opportunity is out there

We’re not an open company that settles.
We’re seeking to get new places so we can bring our solutions to a broader audience.

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The Journey


Born actively in the course of a project in San Diego. Led by Anthony Wosilius (27) , Flavio Bretas (23) and Fernando Hogan (31) followed by a very young team, the initial values and strategies as well as the company name were defined during the major project celebration.


Making the dream of the whole team come true.
After a long wait we got our first individual and private office in the city that welcomed us with great affection, officially incorporated, we then started a new journey based in Salt Lake City


During a mild global crisis and a major economic shakeout in the USA and as a result of a growing range of local customers we established our headquarters in Los Angeles and started a new journey


After a large national rollout with 4 offices established in different states, we then started our international investments with the opening of new operations in Stockholm and Sao Paulo with the two large aviation clients support.


We started our structure by cells
Pride.Developer is born with operations focused in Bangalore-In. »  A cell born to help Pride become even more independent.


We are already in 8 US states and continue to extend our operations to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
During this same period we started our research cell in Palo Alto.


Based on our ethical values we have closed affiliations of Pride operations in Italy and also initiated the full closure of our operations in Brazil.


Even with the pains of the pandemic moment in the world we were the only company to establish a GaaS contract at this challenging year.


After a difficult recovery phase we started a great challenge by investing on new operations, now in Tokyo with 3 big clients.

Corporate Responsibility

Pride.Solutions adhere to the highest standards of conduct and ethics in all of our operations and management around the world. 
Consulting companies must prove responsibility to win over and retain their customers, suppliers and employees.
Our business strategy encourages a comprehensive perspective, demonstrating the importance of accountable and ethical decision-making

Excellence in Knowledge

We have an important mission to always be aligned with the global evolution of technology, in partnership with major universities and technology research centers.

Integrity and Ethics

We work with the global responsibility of our initiatives, acting ethically and transparently way for our clients and society

Value Creation

We focus on creating value for our customers, dedicating total effort to the transfer of knowledge for the optimization of their business processes

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