Field Services

  Transforming the IT user experience  

The Field Services provides specialized technical assistance for all its technological field, solving all type of incidents and requests of services. We perform preventive maintenance service, equipment relocation, devices repair, scheduled change and other services.

Quick reply, Quality and Efficiency in deliveries, all the technical preparation of our consultants and determination is what best defines us

  • Temporary replacement of complete equipment to ensure compliance with service levels.
  • Execution of preventive maintenance activities to the park of equipment covered by service.
  • Service delivered at the user's station or at the customer's premises.
  • Inventory with initial equipment registration.
  • Execution of functional tests (with user compliance) to discharge the solution.
  • Corrective support with focus on Operational Continuity and committed service levels
  • Repair of equipment in the laboratory, with administration of current guarantees.
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