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Pride.Solutions' offers ideal service desk solutions for your business, following all the market guides and best practices, complete and flexible the needs of each company.

    [ Physical and Remote Installations, Integrations, Preventive Maintenance, Support, Monitoring, Service Level 1 to Level 4, Chatbot and more ]    

We have a specialized team at all levels, environments and platforms currently used. We use Cobit and ITIL control methodologies to manage the services and follow the quality standards of the market.

  "Service Desk With Guaranteed Service Levels"  

Service Desk OffShore complete with first level attendance at the expert level using the best practices in service management and service Desk
Its call center with integrated telephony, URA, call management tool providing improved agility, quality and satisfaction of service and reduction of costs
Following the 'Call Service' methodologies and agility of our service team we guarantee the maximum level of satisfaction of your final customer    

Service Desk Pride.Solutions Provides

  • Use of robust and totally friendly tools, helping in the return of satisfaction,    agility in service and management
  • 24/7 telephone service at all levels of service
  • Competitive SLA
  • Low AHT
  • Onshore, Offshore and Nearshore Service Desk
  • Complete RACI according to market requirements and standards
  •      Incident Manager
  •      Problem Manager
  •      Event Manager
  • Cisco and Siemens Modern Telephony Equipment
  • Modern URA with high availability
  • Quality team measuring and certifying monthly the service of our clients
  • Logistics services for purchase and movement of equipment for field service
  • End-user technical training

Field Services | Staffing Services

Pride.Solutions provides Field Services with the management and control of maintenance and technical support of all IT assets, allocation of specialized professionals and operational monitoring.
  • Technical Field Services Support
  • Advanced Field Diagnostics
  • Network Administrators
  • DBA  Oracle and SQL
  • Sharepoint Specialist
  • Citrix Specialist
  • Information Security
  • Windows Server Administrators
  • Unix Server Administrators
  • .NET, JAVA, Perl Developers
  • Front End Developers
  • GRC Specialist
  • IAM Specialist

Should You Outsource Your Help Desk?

Who's running your help desk? Outsourcing can solve several IT problems -- reducing costs and providing a quick route to mobility management. But beware: Outside contractors don't always deliver the help or results you need.

Many IT managers dream of turning their in-house help desk over to an outsourcing provider. Others fear it's the worst thing that can happen. In the new bring your own device (BYOD) era, it's a more consequential decision.

In the boardroom and executive suite, the notion of unloading a significant portion of IT operations onto a third party spurs fantasies of major cost savings that will boost the bottom line. Many CIOs imagine outsourcing the help desk will let them repurpose their IT teams and resources toward higher-order work more focused on the core competency of the business. They even contemplate handing routine projects, such as desktop upgrades, to the help desk outsourcer, freeing up even more resources.

Other top IT executives have more troubling visions of disappointing service, unhappy end users, revolts in the IT department and intangible costs that undermine the supposed efficiencies help desk outsourcing might bring. Deeper in the IT organization, help desk outsourcing is often viewed as an outright nightmare. The greatest fear is that top management will initiate major layoffs to immediately realize savings, while lesser concerns include having to mop up behind shoddy third-party work.

Each of these dreams is grounded in reality. How an organization handles the decision of whether to use a help desk outsourcer and goes about finding one and then creating and maintaining the relationship all determine which type of dream comes true.

IT outsourcing is a huge category, and the help desk represents only a small but significant part of it. Other forms of IT outsourcing can include turning over entire datacenter to a third party, or perhaps limited to portions that may cover enterprise applications and networks. Help desk is frequently one of the first services companies will outsource, and sometimes serves as a pilot for follow-on outsourced services. It's also important to note the often blurry difference between outsourcing, which simply means an outside party is providing a service, versus offshoring, which specifically means the service is being provided by an overseas company, presumably with substantially lower labor costs.

At the same time, the cloud is interfering with traditional definitions of outsourcing. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and other types of cloud-based virtual desktops represent new avenues for non-traditional players to offer services that overlap with the traditional help desk. Gartner Inc. has acknowledged as much in its most recent "Magic Quadrant" report on the topic. Gartner's influential "Magic Quadrants" place vendors along x and y axes to show the relative strength and breadth of various players.

In its 2013 report, Gartner consolidated the Desktop and Help Desk Magic Quadrants to reflect the changes in support services. In the text of the report for the quadrant that Gartner is now calling the "Magic Quadrant for End-User Outsourcing Services, North America," Gartner analyst David Ackerman and two colleagues pointed to the biggest sources of evolution in the category.

"A changing workforce model, which is more mobile and more virtual than ever before, will continue to challenge tradi–tional working models and IT services delivery approaches," noted Ackerman and co-authors William Maurer and Bryan Britz. "The net impact will be greater demands on service desk functions and continued growth in mobile device support. These factors will also drive growth in cloud printing services and cloud storage. We see BYOD accelerating... rapidly in North America during the next three years".

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