Knowing and managing risk is no longer a basic necessity and has become a strategic issue for organizations

Pride.Solutions helps your organization identify and manage all the most critical risks for your business success.
We identify and manage risks that can impact your long-term business performance, your current market position and your competitive advantage.

Operational and Strategic Risks

  Integrate your Operational Risk Management with your Internal Control Process  

  Reduce mapping costs and boost results  

Knowing and understanding your risks, we help in the pursuit of sustainable business growth through risk management and mitigation.

The consulting cell ::PrideRM delivers experienced, solid consulting and aligned to the international standards.

We facilitate and automate the risk management process

Standards and Regulations such as

  PCI DSS    ISO 27002    ISO 27001    FISAP    Basileia    |    BS 25999    |    Cobit    |    SOX  

Frameworks such as

  ERM   |   BIA   |   MoR   |   MRF   

How ::PrideRM can help you

  • Full Assessment
  • Provide a complete framework for risk management
  • Map the risks increase
  • Assets dashboard linked to business processes
  • Assistance on decision making enabling the prioritization of new investments
  • Generate risk indicators for corporate governance
  • Automatically generate reports, charts and statistics
  • Maintain asset inventory
  • Risk ScoreCard
  • Risk indexes and metrics
  • Risk Analysis Consolidation, Business Continuity and Compliance
  • Support operational risk management
  • Support information security management
  • Support operational management
  • Support IT vulnerability management
  • Manage information security controls
  • Support for audit teams
  • Conformity assessment based on market standards

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