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Today, organizations face a common habit: Users are driven to the ease of Facebook, speed of Twiter, and services, and users want the same facilities for their day-to-day
With this challenge was born the Quickservice, a bold product that support all your departments in order to increase operational producvity.

Key Features

  • Multiplatform software with complete integration and customization flexibility
  • Available on Android, Apple iOS And Web based with HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript and Ajax Technology
  • Optimize service delivery costs
  • Increases business user autonomy
  • Transforms the end user experience and increases productivity
  • Improves productivity joining all your Business Modules, resources, needs and applications in a single friendly interface
  • Lower administrative cost
  • Better user Satisfaction; Simple, familiar, mobile user experience
  • Reduced Support costs
  • Unified self-service User Experience Extremely intuitive, easy to use, face-of- Compelling to IT Users
  • Integrated through Windows Authentication, Linux Directory LDAP and any other user Directory, Local or customized
  • Knowledge Database - Uniting all current information, manuals, knowledge, procedures, errors, documents, policies, procedures, news, all information centralized in order to help your organization reduce the search time
  • Social Media - Modern, Familiar, friendly, look and feel, collaborative self-service
  • Process Availability - Ensuring the availability, delivering quick, easy and mobile approval modules,   finding responsible (RACI) through messengers, GPS or social media, sending alerts and other features
  • Focus on standardization - Quickservice focuses on internal controls standard COBIT 5.0, IT Governance ISO 38500 and Service Management (Service Delivery) ISO20000
  • Best practices compliance - Focus on standardization Quickservice focuses on the market best practices ITIL v3, ETOM, Projects PMP, Prince2, ERM and more
  • SaaS-based delivery - Eliminates on-premise infrastructure acquisition, deployment, maintenance and costly upgrades
  • Mobile - Apps accessible to end users and IT Staff
  • Easy and cheap Implementation
  • High integration flexibility Integrated with their main applications, with the ITSM tools, ERP, project management tools and more

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Alan Decker

Sales Manager

Governance | ESM

+1 (323) 918 1515