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Updated 2018

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The most complete, robust and most mature tool on the market, it only works on the SaaS model, it is the most investment tool in the history of the service management products, it has the high cost due to product coverage. Its implementation is usually fast and efficient, has a power of integration and frightening flexibility.
 PrideCERTIFY: Platinum Seal     Score: 98.59    
 Pros:  Flexible (Development Suite)   Performance   99% Uptime   User Friendly
Cons:  High licensing model   High licensing cost

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OTRS known throughout the world for their performance, is arguably the most performative service management software. Contains all features and a great built-in BPM. It is being the replacement option for many enterprises around the world to reduce licensing costs.
 PrideCERTIFY: Platinum Seal     Score: 92.35    
 Pros:  Flexible   Performance   Stability   Cost Reduction
Cons:  Requires organization from implementation to maintenance

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Cherwell, a mature product on the market. The level of satisfaction of its current customers is what attracts the most attention. Friendly interface and very easy to operate.
 PrideCERTIFY: Gold Seal     Score: 76.22    
 Pros:   User Friendly
Cons:   Low flexibility level

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QuickService is a new product in the ESM market It was born to serve the companies of model Shared Services Center, MultiCompany and Large Companies. Its main objective is to reduce the operating time of all company departments to the maximum, reduce costs and increase the satisfaction level of end users and analysts.
 PrideCERTIFY: Gold Seal     Score:    
 Pros:  Flexible (Development Suite)   Performance   99% Uptime   User Friendly
Cons:  Support only for English and Spanish

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 The Evolution of Heat Software. Ivanti has been growing a lot and already becomes a mature and very stable ITSM tool. It has a very interesting acceptance index in the last 2 years.
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 Pros:  Performance   Stability   User Friendly
Cons:  Low world reach, is present only in a few countries

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Remedy is the longest-running tool in the ITSM market
 PrideCERTIFY: Silver Seal    Score:    
 Pros:  User Friendly

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Robust and very complete product. CA Support is one of the best, faster than other products. It is suffering a fall in the magic quadrant due to the high cost and the increase of the efficiency of the competition.
 PrideCERTIFY: Silver Seal     Score:    
 Pros:  96.8% Uptime 

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