Corporate Internal Controls with COSO

  "We assist large companies in the planning, implementation, optimization, testing and continuous improvement for internal control system"  

"The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board was created to develop auditing standards and train auditors on the best practices for assessing company's internal controls. SOX requirements for security information are spelled out. PCAOB publishes periodic recommendations and changes to the auditing process. For obvious reasons, being aware of the most recent iteration of these guidelines is essential to passing an audit"

Reasons to look for a COSO consultancy

  • Complexity of systems makes decision making difficult
  • Risk management and internal controls are losing relevance
  • You are planning to organize the management of your company and need to structure good internal control practices for corporate governance
  • Your company has gone through technological transformations, new processes and strategies but you are not sure about the risks
  • Even with high investments and reorganizations strategic, does your organization fail to mature the internal control system
  • Your organization has adjusted the entire accounting process and now it is necessary to improve the process of internal controls

How Pride.Solutions can help your governance

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