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  "Our expertise in favor to your Business   

Pride. Consulting was born of the need to implement customized solutions for large companies.

We work with performance improvement projects focused on short-, medium- and long-term results in the most diverse sectors

Short and Medium Term Solutions

 Focus on results levers 

  • Operating Costs Optimization
  • Expense Reduction
  • Tax Planning
  • Cash flow
  • Revenue Increase

Medium and Long Term Solutions

 Focus on strategic decisions 

  • Culture and Management for Results
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Feasibility Analysis of Projects (Valuation)
  • Company presentation
  • Strategic Formulation
  • Financial Planning and Capital Structure




With the characteristic of relatively high margins in the past and currently the costs rising considerably, it becomes a matter of survival a good Management, based on concrete facts and reliable data.
Many times the Franchisee does not receive the ideal tools for a good development of their business, know what to demand of the Franchise. Remember, know-how is one of the major products that you have purchased.
The strategy on service sales, including price formation and bidding can be the difference between success and failure.




Good management, and understanding between the investor and the invested company can avoid many problems in the future.
With fierce competition, a good price formation can make a difference, following the competition pricing can be harmful.
Cost mapping and loss management are fundamental in productive processes, in scale, a small deviation can profoundly impact the Final Cost.

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