Business Impact Analysis BIA

  "How much is your business worth? Already have a continuity plan?"  

Business Continuity Planning is the process responsible for preventing and recovering potential threats to a business

The BIA  elaboration reduces the BCP Project  scope, which will be developed on the basis of what was evidenced as critical for the Organization, minimizing resources, costs and time to restore activities

The Governance tries to minimize risks and losses by identifying them in a specific domains, raising the current risks and keeping it at a satisfactory level for business.

We work in 2 sequential domains:

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) the acceptable latency of data that will not be recovered.
Recovery Time Objective (RTO) the acceptable amount of time to restore the function.

    "BIA - Business Impact Analysis is the core of Business Continuity Management and all business management"    

How important is BIA for your business?
Without BIA, there is no possibility for Continuity Management because it is not possible to measure where and how to invest its resources.
BIA returns all necessary answers for decision making.
Only with BIA is it possible to carry out risk management and business continuity through the final reports with the impact definitions that can hinder the business evolution.

*It is important to explain that BIA is not a project, but a process that must be executed at least twice a year

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