Meet the most innovative Global Consultancy Company

Pride.Solutions is one of the most important consulting companies in the world, innovating and transforming business models, preparing all types and market sectors for the digital era.
Since 2005 working with IT and Business consulting, we are part of the trajectory of large companies around the world.
Our conscientious, industry-based approach helps our customers understand and manage more consolidated, efficient, and innovative businesses.
In order to maintain excellence in operations, we invest steadily in technological laboratories, research centers, innovation and startups acquisitions around the world.
Headquartered in USA, Pride.Solutions is ranked among its current customers as one of the most admired and innovative companies.


Pride.Solutions adheres to the highest standards of conduct and ethics in all of our operations and management around the world.

Consulting companies must prove responsibility to win over and retain their customers, suppliers andemployees. Our business strategy encourages a comprehensive perspective, demonstrating theimportance of accountable and ethical decision-making.

Pride.Solutions exists under one main objective, defines our existence and permanence in the market; whenever we start our work day we bring with us the challenge of doing the best and what really matters to our customers
"innovate, do it different!"

Excellence in Knowledge

We have as an importantmission to always be aligned with the global evolution oftechnology, in partnership with major universities andtechnology research center.

Integrity and Ethics

we work with the global responsibility of our initiatives, acting in an ethical and transparent way for our clients and society

Value creation

We focus on creating value for our customers, dedicating total effort to the transfer of knowledge for theoptimization of their businessprocesses

Scott Morris
Flavio Bretas Founder / CPO
Fernando Hogan Co-Founder | Business Specialist
Presidente and CEO
John Kern Sales

Brian Smith Financial
Marco Diachoni Operations

Hellen Carringer HR | Development